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Experts in Automation

Our Story

A group of consultants from both technology and recruitment backgrounds found there was a service value deficiency within the disruptive technology recruitment market – they promptly set off to create an organisation that could help satisfy this gap and shortly after, Intelix was born!

Since our recent inception, we have already built mature, market leading capabilities in areas such as RPA and AI at unprecedented speed for a start-up company. This is testament to the genuine expertise and well-formed candidate networks we have been able to offer our clients.

As a business born in the digital economy, our tech-savvy consultants only operate in areas where they are passionately well informed through industry participation.


When the co-founders set out to create Intelix and laid out their vision, they were unquestionably aligned on two principles that had to be at the core of every engagement

1. Offer only true subject matter expertise

We only work in a handful of selected areas where we can add value with genuine expertise, market knowledge, and industry participation.

2. Create only exceptional experiences for customers and candidates a like

It is our genuine ambition to provide a truly best in class experience for those who work with us.

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