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Contingent and Retained Search

Intelix.AI is a specialised Recruitment firm, focused on the Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence space. We offer two forms of basic recruitment services:

Contingent: A traditional engagement where we supply candidate profiles according to existing client requirements. Clients are then invoiced only when our candidates start their first day of work.

Retained: Retained Searches are less common in recruitment engagements, but as specialists in a niche and challenging area of the Emerging Technology space many of our clients have profited from using this process. In this instance a client will approach us looking for an exclusive engagement to fill one or multiple roles. To ensure our exclusivity for the pre-agreed period an estimation of the full pipeline will be established, and a small percentage of that pipeline will be paid upfront. Following that payment will be processed in the traditional Contingent style, with the original payment subtracted from the total invoice value. Retained Searches are the best way to ensure that the best specialist recruiters are fully focused on fulfilling your requirements, expediting your recruitment plans and keeping you disruptive in the market by excluding your competitors from access to the agency’s services.

Market Analysis

Clients: As our clients get to grips with the current state capability of Emerging Technology, and seek to satisfy C level practice development goals, there are often time discrepancies when executing recruitment strategies. When a client employs our services to meet urgent requirements, Intelix.AI often provide clients with market reports showing how many candidates have been contacted, from what sources and reasons why our mutual recruitment strategies may be ineffective and potentially improved.

Candidates: We ensure that we provide all of our candidates with an accurate picture of global opportunities related to expressed salary, geographical and functional requirements, as well as their personal and professional development goals.

Retention / Recruitment Strategy

Clients: Strategic RPA engagements is a relatively new yet fast growing epithet of the Intelligent Automation space. We work with many large corporates and fledgling boutique consultancies who require insight into building a delivery service for RPA efficiently, and expeditiously. As a part of our service we offer our clients advice on how to go about scripting an effective recruitment and retention strategy for RPA teams, based on a legacy of experience within this space across multiple industries and deep insight into the requirements of our global network of candidates.

Candidates: It can be challenging to truly understand the full landscape of opportunity available to you based on your skills and experience. We offer our candidates deep insight into the opportunities available to them, provide strategic roadmaps to assist in reaching long-term goals, and ensure that the future earning potential of our candidates is optimised. 

Advisory Services 

As leading specialists in Intelligent Automation, we are in an ideal position to connect our clients with the most progressive and effective Consultancies and Vendors within our space. In addition, we have teams of incredibly qualified professionals that can educate our clients on everything from how to set up a CoE, through to how to effectively interview candidates for internal positions. 

Core Services across capability areas

Executive and Retained Search

Permanent recruitment services. Typically focused on PSL, Project Based or contingent recruitment


The provision of contract and flexible resource engaged on a T&M (time and materials) or Fixed Price basis.

Talent Strategy Advisory

This advisory service is intended for Executive Boards looking to develop and deploy effective strategies for building talent pools. Create and deploy effective frameworks for developing and retaining existing talent in addition to incubating future leaders

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