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I represent a Search firm specialised within the Change Management space, with strong networks within the Management Consulting and Strategy Consulting space. We have recently developed strong ties within Sweden, particularly with boutique Strategy Houses.

Our clients are growing incredibly quickly, and are now looking to recruit some 'analytically minded problem solvers' to help develop their rapidly expanding businesses. These roles not only offer very competitive remuneration packages, but also outstanding professional development opportunities an unrivaled work/life balance, with opportunities from Principal to Partner levels.

We may have roles of interest to you around the globe, so even if you are just passively surveying the market it would be prudent for us to connect for future interactions. However if you are looking for roles local to you that require minimal travel, offer an excellent work/life balance and offer dynamic roles of high responsibility, we have those positions for you immediately.

Please contact one of our consultants ASAP for information on new opportunities in the market.

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